I just wanted to share my last track / experiment.

Bass is from the minibrute 2s and drums from drumbrute impact. The rest is from a MI plaits modulated by a Zadar and filtered with a µVCF.

It occurred to me that it would be fun to crossfade the lowpass filter and the high-pass outputs with and LFO. So the patch goes like this:

  • Plaits out to µVCF input.
  • µVCF lowpass out to the Intellijel Quad VCA input 1
  • µVCF high-pass out to the Intellijel Quad VCA input 2
  • LFO 1 from Minibrute 2s split; 1 to VCA cv 1 and one inverted in Minibrute and then to VCA cv 2

Sure this technique is pretty basic but it's the first time I'm using it and it was quite fun. You can listen Plaits in chords mode going from low to high in a kind of wave. :)

A part from that, I'm still struggling with my mixing skills. I think the low frequencies in this one are a bit too busy, maybe I should go easier on the Minibrute next time.

Hi Exposure,

Wow that's a nice track! To me this sounds so professional, it reminds me far away a little bit of Pyrolator and a bit of Kreidler perhaps? :-)

Very nicely done and I continue to listen a few times more to this track, yeah, nice evening for me ;-) Kind regards, Garfield.

Hey GarfieldModular,

I've never heard of Pyrolator or Kreidler, I'll check them out.


oooooooooo KURT DAHLKE!!!!...or Pyrolator, if you prefer. His stuff is so much fun (as is his band, Der Plan) while at the same time, if you dive deep into it, you start noticing the complexity there. Der Plan was part of the whole Neue Deutsche Welle scene, but also had a real interest in noise and trouble. They sort of get tagged as Germany's answer to The Residents, but that's way too simplistic an analysis.

Hi Lugia,

Ha, ha, and I thought I would be the only one knowing Pyrolator or Kurt Dahlke, if you prefer ;-) Yeah quite funny music, especially "Wunderland" album is fun. Thanks a lot for mentioning Der Plan, totally overlooked that one (how could I?!), will check it out, sounds even more funny.

Kind regards, Garfield.

Der Plan is excellent. For a more avant-garde take out of them, look for the soundtrack they did for the ZDF film "Die Letzte Rache"...which was ALSO partly their production as well. VERY Residential. "Funf Jahre", if you can find it, is a great overview of their synth dadaism.

Hi Lugia,

Thank you very much for the additional information and hints. I put Der Plan definitely on my wish list and once I am going to do another "music order" (meaning CDs and Vinyls), at least one album of Der Plan will be on my shopping list :-) I just done recently an order so I have to be a bit patient. Difficult, knowing there is lurking so nice/fun music around there.

Kind regards, Garfield.