Recording of my First Jam Session with my new 4ms Ensemble Oscillator

Starting at around 3:25 I really found a nice Sweet Spot.

The ENSOC is modulated by MI Tides (also my First Patch with Tides)

At the Beginning you can just hear the Raw Sound from the ENSOC. Then I add Reverb from ZDSP, Magneto and later on the Mimeophon. 2hp RND is triggering the Flip Mode of Mimeophon. Ochd is Modulating the Shift/Level of Tides and the Color of the Mimeophon.

Magneto is in Shift Mode. The Infinite Mode gets Triggered Randomly from Pams.

Qu-Bit Bloom is Playing a slowly mutating 7 Step Sequence. Occasionally I play some Notes on the Pressure Points (CV out to Bloom Root CV In)

2hp RND is triggering the Flip Mode of Mimeophon.

I hope you enjoy it :-)

Hi Quantum Eraser,

Yes, that's a nice jam session :-) It's a good demo of the Ensemble Oscillator, you make me start to think about this module! :-)

Thanks a lot for sharing this and kind regards, Garfield.

This is lovely @Quantum_Eraser I can't seem to get anything melodic out of my Ensemble Oscillator and instead end up making creepy drones with it (edited to add that this is fine too lol), but you've inspired me to give it another shot.

Great stuff! A very nice exploration.

@Quantum_Eraser thought I'd share that you prompted me to reread the manual and to watch some more vids, and I'm finally getting some melodic stuff out of my EO to go along with the craziness, thanks for the inspiration!

Thanks for the jam and patch notes.

I agree, it's really worth reading the manual. I still find it tricky to integrate the EnOsc in a track. It's easy in unison mode, of course. And when using only a few oscillators and little spread. But for every other mode, I feel I need to "compose" a track around the EnOsc instead of just starting somewhere and then patching it in when I want to. Maybe that's just my haphazard songwriting style and could be solved a more theoretical approach?
How do you all work with the EnOsc?

@senor-bling in the less melodic modes (high spread, many oscs, FM up) I mostly end up using it as a drone noise source. That said with the right filter you can tame the crazier modes and get some really interesting full but melodic textures, ones that I haven't seen elsewhere in eurorack, it's just a lot of work to get there.

@troux thank you. So far I've spent most of my time exploring the EnOsc on its own, understanding the modes and figuring out how the other parameters interact. And then left it in a string machine style pad state, which is stunningly beautiful but I feel also kind of underutilizing it. Forgot to set it into full mayhem mode and patch it through filters somewhere along the way... will try that once my current patch is done.

I need some patch notes on string machine style pad state, that sounds rad 🕵️ The style I was referring to above is kind of pad-y too, spread up, root low-ish, put an analog osc underneath it for extra weight, add a pinch of the FM, and then run it through a smooth lowpass filter with just a bit of resonance.

I'll try to provide some details when I'm done with the track I'm working on. Played with the shift settings quite a bit, not sure what they're set to. Mostly using the Octatrack to sequence it right now.
Right now got the scale set to Tet12 either fully CCW or one of the first four scales. Detune at 11-12 o'clock. Balance slightly past noon. Root at 9, Spread at 12, cross FM CCW, twist and warp somewhere between 9 and 11. Like I said, not sure about the shift settings and I also add CV to pitch, root, scale, twist and warp via Octatrack CC to CV and a heavily attenuated Ochd.

Nice, thanks for sharing. I'll try and aim in that direction and see how it goes.