Don't think I succeeded exactly, and as opposed to my drone stuff where I'm not so picky, the bar is quite high here! Acid needs to be special, and maybe this isn't exactly acid anyway. Practice makes perfect though!

Made with:

ModularGrid Rack

Very much not AIIICEED. However, it's not bad at all for minimal techno...sort of in the Surgeon/Oliver Ho vein...

Nice, I'll take a "not bad at all" from you @Lugia 👍👍👍 I had actually been wanting to get your opinion on this rack. What do you think of it? I'm not sold on the Quadrax yet, might swap it with a DUSG, but I need a compressor too... so many problems to solve!

Y'know, I'm not jazzed on the Quadrax, either. I thought that Intellijel had the formula right with the Quadra, which you could use on its own just as four two-stage EGs, or you could couple the Expander with it. That arrangement gave you CV over either rise OR fall, not a single CV input for both, plus you had a few other tricks there that don't seem to have made it to the Quadrax. Yeah, it's a simpler module, but not everyone wants (or needs!) simpler.

Gonna fix this compressor thing right now, too. Don't put it IN the cab. Instead, what you want is THIS: That's right...not one, not two, but THREE excellent pro-grade choices in a tiny, inobtrusive 1/3-rackspace box. While the RNC might be the one that jumps out at you, the REAL solution is the RNLA, which works less like a VCA compressor and more like an opto limiter, like the LA-2A and, more recently, the ART ProVLA (which I should note that I have TWO of, because they kick ass!). It 'smooths' out the peaks, but allows you to go up to your threshold while banging away furiously, then it adds a nice bit of color once you cross it. This should work MUCH better than most affordable Eurorack compressor modules while still not being a huge thing that takes up space.

Nice recommendations @Lugia, I'll check em out. Would those take euro voltages, or would I need to send and receive at line out level? 🤔

Hi Troux,

Nice one, kind of mellow isn't it? At least to me it sounds like a nice mellow entrance into the weekend :-)

Thanks a lot for sharing and kind regards, Garfield.

It is @GarfieldModular, maybe that's why I'm disappointed in it 🤣🤣 Enjoy your weekend too, and thanks for listening.

Nice recommendations @Lugia, I'll check em out. Would those take euro voltages, or would I need to send and receive at line out level? 🤔
-- troux

I would strongly suggest getting some sort of balanced output module for your build. My faves for a while have been two different Happy Nerding ones...the 4hp Isolator and the 6hp OUT. The former is rather basic...just I/O and a stereo level control. But the second one is VERY nice if your case can handle the depth. The OUT offers metering, headphone out, stereo output level control, the same sort of I/O...but it ALSO has a second mixable stereo input, which makes it great for parallelling-in another FX process inside the synth, or you could simply have two separate global mixes and switch back and forth via the OUT. But you want one of those, and you'll want to run 1/4" TRS cables from the modular to the FMR since it also uses these.

Sounds like a good candidate for my utility pod, thanks @Lugia 👍👍