Exploring the WORNG SoundStage with a little 2xMother-32 improvisation. Other VCO's are Trident and Telharmonic.

I've been wondering about this module, will give it a listen.

Nice one as usual @mowse. I'm curious how the SoundStage helped out here, is it mostly to do with the relation of the different elements dynamically?

Full disclosure: This was my first 30 minutes with WORNG SoundStage.

I've been getting good feedback about sound mixing and separation in my tracks. I've found myself wanting more space, depth, and clean separation of sounds. This is what I'm trying to achieve more of by incorporating SoundStage, because I don't enjoy adding more to DAW workflow. I acknowledge also that I have a lot to learn about mastering.

So, this is about gaining as much as I can, modules first, DAW and studio (monitors, mixer) changes second. For this first bit, I'm using vertical stacking only, not horizontal stereo field placement. Just going for cleaner separation of sounds.

Would love to hear from folks on this aspect of my next few patches or tracks.

Mixing is super hard @mowse, keep us updated as you keep using the SoundStage, I kinda want one myself!

Hi Mowse,

Oh yes! This is you all right: nice, good and solid. Definitely worth it to listen at :-)

Thanks a lot for sharing this and kind regards, Garfield.

Thanks, @GarfieldModular! Having a lot of fun with the mixing module.