Wooaa hey guys and girls! Exciting; long time lurker first time poster!

I've been working on a system for jamming and live performance focused mainly around taking care of bass/lead/atmos/fx sounds (Analog Rytm taking care of beats) and wanted to plumb the depths of MG.net knowledge to see where I could take this! I have most of the modules in the top two rows already (minus matrix mixer and maths and plus rene) sat in a nice mantis case but I feel I need to add elements to mix properly (currently using veils as a 'mixer' and built a patch in Torcido editor to act as mixer/output/oscillator) and add the matrix mixer to get some really nice, smooth, performable modulation happening!

I'm very much into slowly developing textures and evolving patches but with a dancable tempo that I often mix with field recodings etc. Any ideas/suggestions would be really greatly appreciated.

Thanks in advance!

*For some reason in posting this the grid has decided to give me an erica black out against my wishes haha

kinks is always a good addition for modulation imo

other than that I would want a decent mixer - preferably something that has both mono (with panning) and stereo inputs - so maybe split between 2 mixers - probably I'd go happy nerding panmixjr and stereo mixer

I'd also probably look at adding another filter or 2 - at least one of which I would want to be able to produce sine waves and accept v/oct and track a couple of octaves accurately

Nice, thanks Jim, great advice there. Yeah, a self oscillating filter would be a good addition, I didn't think about that- multi use modules are key in a small system aren't they.