Just got my new case and hooked up Noise Engineering BIA and Erica Synths Black Polivoks filter. Both are superb!
It was fun to have Batumi modulate the Erica Synths Black Polivoks filter and the Noise Engineering BIA modules.

Hi Sacguy71,

Congratulations on your second case :-) How is the Black Polivoks VCF from Erica Synths coming along? I hope you are able to get some nice sounds out of it? Let me know your opinion on that module.

Nice demo and I wish you much fun with your extension of your modular synth! :-) Kind regards, Garfield.

Thanks Garfield,

It is really fun building new setup from scratch. I love the black polivoks filter from Erica Synths! Especially when modulate from batumi it really comes to life. I can get some crazy acid bass lines to drones to weird bubble pads. Thinking pico drums or drum sampler would be great addition to my second case.

Hi Sacguy71,

I am so glad that you like the Polivoks filter :-)

Maybe I do just something wrong with it, I might consider the Batumi, got that one on my wish list anway, so perhaps that helps me to get the best out of that Polivoks filter.

Thanks a lot and kind regards, Garfield.

Yeah I ran various test patches after I hooked it up. By itself, it is very boring. However when you modulate it with a crazy LFO like Batumi it comes alive and sounds amazing. The only two modules that I am having trouble getting on with are the Malekko Varigate 4+ sequencer and Malekko Quad Envelope. Those work but are tricky to figure out and not very precise. I like precision in my sequencers. Probably need a good trigger sequencer and clock modulator like Pamela's New Workout. Thinking that and Expert Sleepers Disting EX will be the next modules for the year to round out my build as I need these tools. Maybe add Plaits and Erica Synths pico drums then have a solid jam portable modular system.