I am learning modular and really enjoying 64 HP it keep me focused.

Today I wanted to try the Manis running through Clouds.
You can take a listen to what I have crated here:

Overall I like how the sound evolves through the filter via the 0cht.

Hope you enjoy.

I am using send effects via my DAW:
1) H-Delay (Waves Audio)
2) H-Verb Long (Waves Audio)
3) Overdrive and Distortion Stop pedal (Waves Audio)

Nice! Did you use the Octatrack for the kick drums or the BIA?

Nice! Did you use the Octatrack for the kick drums or the BIA?
-- sacguy71

I used the OT for the kick drum.
Currently I just have the 2 outputs on the modular setup, so those were running the left/right of the Manis + Clouds.
I plan to expand to have more outputs soon, but was mostly focused on seeing if I could evolve a sound by using the 0cht, the Zlob filter, the Manis, and Clouds.
It was fun to hear that come together.

Plus, adding the effects in Ableton as send effects added that little extra.
basically, I'm looking at a few pedals that I would like to buy: 1) a delay and 2) a reverb, but for now I figured I keep learning with what I have and pick up the pedals in the near future.

I was thinking about adding the patch as well in the future.
That way if people want to see how I hooked it all up, they could try it if they have the parts (or similar) modules.

Thanks for checking out the sounds.


I did another jam today adding in the BIA and taking the clouds mono.

1) I made Manis to clouds mono (I lost some volume here for this round, but i'll look at why later)
2) I added in the BIA
3) I was playing with some mods on the devices and playing a bit with the filters and envelopes to change it up a bit

I hope you all enjoy.

Any/all feedback is welcome!