Hi everyone,

Currently I have been using Varigate 4+, Korg SQ-1, and Make Noise 0-ctrl as modular sequencers. While they are functional, they lack the precision and control that I want for creating drum, bass and lead beats. What would be a good clock and modular sequencer that does not take up 40+ HP of space and does not cost a small fortune? I looked at Hermod, Eloquencer and 512 vector. Vector is super expensive and without the expander only has 2 cv/gate inputs/outputs which is weak. For clock, I am considering Shakmat Clock O'Pawn or Pamela's New Workout.

If it’s not required to be racked, I would consider the beat step pro. Affordable, two melodic sequencers (pitch, gate, and velocity) plus 8 drum triggers. Patterns up to 64 steps and a couple of different options for pattern chaining, muting, etc. Hard to beat for the price.

I am looking for a modular in rack solution. Probably save and get mantis case and 512 vector sequencer and expansion plus WMD Performance Mixer.

Hermod is cool but kind of needs an external keyboard if you want to be less fiddly.
I love the combination of keystep pro and beatstep pro.
But I like to go either full fledged or very small and limited (ladik s-143 in combination with knit rider for example).
I don't enjoy tiny eurorack sequencers that try to control everything at once because work flow tends to be menue driven and tedious with tiny displays.
Work flow beats number of functions for me any day.

What are your thoughts on the 512 Vector sequencer with expansion module and the WMD Metron sequencers? Both are large and have tons of features. I am also looking at Winter Eloquencer and Nerdseq but not sure if I would gel with a tracker based sequencer or not until I can try one in person. No rush- won't buy this year but try them at synth shops after COVID ends. Beatstep Pro may be a good low cost option at this point but I've heard of issues with them. I can try one and always return it if I don't like it.

Hi Sacguy71,

Regarding your clock question, yes the Pamela's New Workout seems to satisfy a lot of members here. Another option might be to use the Make Noise - Tempi in combination with the Shakmat Modular - Time Wizard module, it's what I am using and I am quite happy with it.

Good luck with the search for a good sequencer, take your sweet time for that one. I am more than a year waiting for the ideal sequencer and still didn't found it (well I am waiting for the Ground Control from Endorphin.es but it's still not available yet and I want to have it tested first at my local dealer).

Kind regards, Garfield.

Thanks Garfield,

My new modules arrived today for my second case. Really digging the Noise Engineering Cursus Iteritas with the Basimilus Iteritas Alter and using the Erica Synths Black Polivoks Filter along with Intellijel Quadrax and IME Kermit MK3 modulation machine! Bloody brilliant modules that sound ace. These will take some time to really learn as they are super deep. For clock, I am going to wait until few months when sales come up again and most likely pair the Pamela's New Workout with the ALM Busy Circuits Boss Bow Two switcher that would be a killer clocking and routing options when mixed in a matrix mixer and apply Kinks and logic to it. I am holding off on a sequencer until next year. I have a few that get the job done and if I need complex sequencer, my Elektron Analog can do that as well as my Octatrack. Probably get Mantis case put a nice sequencer and FX mixer in it maybe?

Hi Sacguy71,

How is the playing with the new modules getting along? Lots of fun? :-)

That's actually not a too bad idea to use the Elektron Analog Four being the (complex) sequencer. If the Ground Control is going to be disappointing (or never will be released), I might just do that. Thanks for the idea!

Mantis? I thought you wanted to get a (mega) monster case from Doepfer or MDLR? :-)

Kind regards and have a good weekend, Garfield.

Hi Garfield,

Excellent, I have the new modules working and really enjoy how crazy the Noise Engineering Cursus Iteritas sounds especially when modulated by LFOs can get serious industrial sounds. It pairs well with the Kermit and Bionic Lester. Plus super easy to learn. On the other hand, IME modules like the Kermit demand time as they have tons of hidden features as does the Intellijel Quadrax with expander a take on the Buchla 281e function generator with self patching CV options, LFO and EG features galore. It shares a lot of the similar design so west coast based.