This morning I decided to do another a jam.

I did a small change to the case and put back in the C4RBON filter.
I did not tie the bass line to a S&H so you get a little more movement.
I do need to take some more time to tune. :)

If you have any thoughts/feedback please leave them either here or on soundcloud in the song.
I'm always learning and the feedback is always appreciated.

May you have a good day!

Hi EroGumby,

Did you made this entire track with just the above small rack only? That's amazing! I like the variation in sounds you got in there too.

Since I am myself not much into techno, I am not sure if the following feedback is right or not, I think techno experts here can give you a better feedback, however I feel that heavy bass/kick sound, yes that's nice but I do miss over those 7 minutes a bit of variation on that kick sound. Yes at around 3:45 you stop that kick sound and a bit after 4:00 you continue it, but in the same "variation" as you did before. As I said, I have no clue about techno music, so perhaps it's a must to do it this way :-) For my opinion, I could use a bit of variation in that kick sound, however other than that, all the creations of the other sounds are A) Amazing and B) variation enough there, so those I really like a lot! Especially since you are able to do that with such a small rack!

Well done, thanks a lot for sharing and kind regards, Garfield Modular.


I wanted to say thank you for the feedback.

I agree the drums need more work, overall I was focused on the tones and seeing if I could get a nice groove going there...

I just did a new jam (on my most recently published setup)... with that jam I started to do small variations on the kick and hats. .
During this short jam , I was much more aware of the need to start changing that up a bit more.
So I really appreciate the feedback.

Here is a newer song where I was starting to do a little more drum variation.

Thank you again for the feedback.
Much appreciated.

May you have a great rest of your day.

Hi EroGumby,

You are welcome. I just listened to your new track, nice jam by the way, and it sounds to me you take the feedback at your heart. Well done, more variation on the drums indeed. He, he, I like your tracks, full with interesting and funny sounds. It makes the listener to wants more :-) !

Have a good weekend, I hope to hearing more from you and kind regards, Garfield.

P.S.: I saw your other new post as well, I will not reply to that one since this post and that new post is about the same track.