Here is what I have:
my rack

I want to build live performance oriented case. Mostly for techno.
I don't want to keep drums in euro, because I want to use my tr8s for this.
Now I have here ~3 voices. I've discovered Steevio style sequencing method, and I liked it a lot. Im using links as my precision adder that takes 2 sequences from RYK.
I'd like to hear(or read lol) your advices.

First to out/Ideas:
* Planar - lovely module, but unfortunately I don't see many uses for it :(
* Gemini's Path - as above
* T_U - Change for something less menu divey (I was thinking about Knight's Galoop)
* Change wasp for something other (maybe smaller?)
* Change OA(?)
* Maybe get WMD SSM (Idk if this rack isn't too small for this)
Less important:
* Change ECHOZ for FX Aid(?)

I'd like to make my melodies better so maybe I'd try something other than steevio's method.
I'm open to your ideas.

Looking cool. If you want to tr try the gallop which I like but did not get enough use I am selling one atm.

Thanks, but firstly I need to sell some stuff :)) I also enjoy building kits, and I was thinking about it.
Why you did not like it?


Get a bigger case? Add in Noise Engineering BIA for drums and bass perhaps.

I'd have to +1 for a larger case as well. Having done live techno back in the 1990s (without a DAW, I should note), one method that I found very workable with my Digisound/ARP 2600 combo that I was using at the time was to set up multiple parallel "instruments" within the modular architecture. New track? Just fade in another mixer channel and fade out the one I was on. While the hardware might be rather different here, the method is still quite solid, but it does take a bit bigger build to accommodate several separate audio paths...plus having all of these intersect at a proper stereo performance mixer (which I didn't have back then) is super-helpful.

I have a 7U x 94HP travel case with 3 voice + 3 drums. Size is surely enough to do something usable that can be beefed up with external synths, drums, etc. Looking at your setup I'm wondering if you have enough VCAs?

Definitely need more VCAs. I use a Befaco Hex VCA and that gets heavy use in my new setup. Quad VCA by Intellijel in my other case is great as well.