A friend asked me to do a live set at a venue in Columbus yesterday, streamed of course as they all are nowadays, so I put together a quick drone piece working through some Just Intonation and 12Tet chords and drones, and I think it turned out pretty good if you're into that sort of thing!


Made with the below, the MCO was a last minute addition but I wanted a third sound source to add a little extra texture and bass underneath everything, which I was pretty happy with.

ModularGrid Rack

Hi Steve,

Wow, that's a nice and long ambient track! You did this live? Well that's fantastic, pity of the virus situation, it's about time to see concerts like this live! :-)

Thanks a lot for sharing this and kind regards, Garfield.

Yes @GarfieldModular, all live, though I patched it in advance, I'm not ready for live patching yet! I was mostly just controlling levels, sequencing chords, and using the ResEq to shift the focus and depth of the sound. It was fun, and practicing live is a good exercise I think, emphasizing a different approach to the synth which is always good. Anyway, glad you liked it and thanks for listening!