Hi guys,

I would like to build a rack for dark techno, industrial techno. I am totally new to modular, just own the Erica Synths Techno System and i plan to buy the same Erica Synths case and fill it with module for melody, noise and effects. I plan it on modular grid and need your advice ! Can it work like this ? What i need to change ? What would you change to improve it?

ModularGrid Rack

I will buy modules little by little, and think to begin with Noise engineering basimilus iteritas alter, zularic repetitor and manis iteritas. Do you think its nice for begin ? I can use BIA and Manis with the Erica Sequencer, right ? Do i need other things ?

Thank you for your help ;)


Well, when you look at this, there's definitely some shortcomings. For one thing, using the ADSR/VCAs isn't an economical use of space; it would make MUCH more sense to add several linear VCAs on a single module, then solve the other problem present here by adding some more modulation sources to mess with them. I think you're also concentrating too much on distortion effects here...you really only need A distortion device, but a wavefolder somewhere up the signal chain would actually make sense so that you can get more elaborate and controllable (and yes, distorted) waveforms that way, so DO keep the Wavefolder. And there's other issues as well...a lack of controlling modules such as attenuverters will hurt you here, for example.

I think the big problem here is that the Erica drum functionality is overriding the ability of the top two rows to be used both as a complement to the Erica modules and as a self-contained synth on its own. This is why I tend to tell people to NOT build a Eurorack drum machine...the modules for each drum voice are never space-economical and the operating needs of that modular setup are often fairly divergent from what a modular SYNTH has to have to really open up. You might want to remove all of that from the build before continuing so you can get a clearer idea of what those top two rows SHOULD be.

For dark industrial techno, you need super modulation and the best all in one module: IME Kermit MK3!

That module can be LFOs, EGs, dirty oscillators, S&H, noise generator and combine them as you like. True modulation gem for your style. Here is what you can with it:

I also recommend looking at the IME/Harvestman Double Andore it has dual VCA plus lots of tricks for techno and envelopes in one. I may pick one up along with Piston Honda MK3 or Hertz Donut MK3 to go with Kermit and Bionic Lester. I would ditch the Erica Synths modules and use an external drum machine or perhaps just get the smaller Erica Synths sample drums and save rack space and cash. I use my Elektron Octatrack for samples and drums and it works great.


Thank you very much Lugia and sacguy71 for your reply and advices. Yes i understand, but i already own the Erica Synths techno system and i love it as a drum machine, I don’t want to remove modules from it...
Can we consider it is my drum machine (maybe with zularic and BIA if it is possible to use with it ?)
Yes too much distortion but i will use some of them with the drums modules if possible..

Lugia: Ok, i was wrong for the space economy, i will remove the ADSRVCA modules and maybe take Intellijel Quad VCA ? Or double Andore can play this role as sacguy71 recommend ?
I will check attenuverters, and remove maybe Plague bearer, thanks again !

Sacguy71: Thank you ! Yes i will try to work my rack again with Kermit and Double Andore (but it is big !)

Is it better like this ?

it's better to use a link - ModularGrid Rack

you appear to have a lot of mixing - but all appears for audio - also I'd split it up a bit

I'd keep the quad vca and add the double andore - 6 vcas is still not a lot for this size case

I'd want more utilities for multing/mixing/modifying modulation


Thank you ! Yes it seems to be too much mixer but in fact I need all the mixer of the techno system for the drums..
You think I need to remove the Unify mixer ? If I keep the Quad VCA and take the double andore I have to put out the Vermona Melodicer..I would love to have it !

Other possibilities ?

I try my best to listen all of your advices !
And the result is ? Can you confirm its better now and usuable like this ?

ModularGrid Rack