Fun jam I threw together this afternoon after work:
Kermit is a powerhouse of modular in one.

Hi Sacguy71,

Oh this is way cool man! :-) How do you do that kind of hammering percussion sound?

Sounds interesting and thanks a lot for sharing this. Kind regards, Garfield.

Thanks Garfield, the BIA is a superb module for percussion. To get the sound I feed it thru several LFOs at different rates to each of the BIA patch points for pitch, S/L/M, B/A/T and so forth. That adds wide variety and functions as well as layers to increase the wall of sound exponentially. I use a lot of stuff from the IME/Harvestman Kermit MK3 as well for S&H, noise and random LFO generator to add bite to the Noise Engineering BIA and Cursus Iteritas. This allows me to run a full set on only a few modules plus VCAs/mixers, attenuators and so forth. I am still learning the ins and outs of Intellijel Quadrax and the Kermit and Bionic Lester. Those are super deep modules and can do incredible stuff. I love Quadrax plus the expander for self patching happy accidents. Many modes of envelopes and filter cutoffs possible with that module plus it can function as LFO as well.