Hi all,
This is my first post so go easy on me :)
So I started my eurorack journey at the start of the year.
I did a lot of research and reading then I decided to ignore all of it.

My rack has ended up like this

I make house and techno music.
I was wondering what sort of modules should I be looking out for?
I really would like a Fh-2 next so I can use my digitakt with my modular.
Then next I would like to get a ES-9 so I can multi track my recordings.
After that I think some utility modules would probably be in order?
Maybe a bigger case?
After starting eurorack I am finding it difficult to go back to my DAW to make music lol
Siting at computer clicking stuff in has becoming so uninspiring.
Anyways thanks in advance for your help :)
Good day all.

link to actual rack
ModularGrid Rack

Thanks for that Jim, I was trying to figure out how to do that :)

copy and paste the url

I'd go fh2, utilities, Maths, es9, more utilities

utiltity module ideas:
AISynthesis matrix mixer

You definitely need more attenuators/inverters/offsets, logic module, sequential switch and more VCAs :-)

Check out 3xMIA by Happy Nerding and Klavis Logica XT as well for these sorts of things. I like the Intellijel Quad VCA module quite a bit as it has extras like attenuators and boost for signals.

Thanks Jim and Sacguy, kinks is on my list, and I will DIY another frequency central VCAs. That Logica XT looks amazing. Decent price too! Good call. Thanks again.