I used my Make Noise 0-coast as a background drone noise to thicken up the sound and had fun tonite again. Ran out of patch cables. So time to order more as well as stackables.

One thing is certain: the IME Kermit MK3, Bionic Lester and Intellijel Quadrax are super complex deep modulation tools that are simply incredible amounts of features and functionality in small package! For a small setup, they can do quite a bit!

Hi Sacguy71,

You got some very interesting sounds there! Oh, and thank you for mentioning the Intellijel - Quadrax, I totally overlooked this module, wasn't aware of it, great hint :-)

Kind regards, Garfield.

Thanks Garfield!

I was really just messing around trying patch combos and settings while reading the manuals and watching video tutorials on the new modules. Man, the Kermit, Bionic Lester and Quadrax are super DEEP powerful modules that can do what would normally take a dozen individual modules to achieve! Some menu diving and learning hidden combos but worth it for small setup to play full tracks.