How do you like this combination? My on the go tape-looper for external sound sources - with feedback and filtering options...

Better idea:
ModularGrid Rack
I expanded this into a 4ms Pod48X, which eliminates the power on the front panel. I kept the Lubadh and its expander, but went a lot further with everything else. The extra 6 hp was far more useful than you might think...

The Doepfer A-119 not only gives you an input preamp, it also has an envelope follower with loudness contour and gate outputs for using those factors for more internal modulation. After it, I added a Tiptop ONE, which now gives you the ability to store and reuse sources, either placed on its MicroSD from outside or sampled internally.

After the ONE, there's a VOID MicroWulf for adding distortion, waveshaping to your mono audio source. Then I tossed the Noise Engineering Dezi Arnez for a WMD Time Warp, which offers dual AR envelopes/LFOs under voltage control. More versatile, even minus the random capabilities of the other.

After the Lubadh, I also changed things up considerably. Since the Lubadh can have a stereo output, I added a WMD SCLPL, which is an excellent dual multimode VCF that should pair much better with the Lubadh's outs. And since the system would now be outputting a stereo signal, I went with a Happy Nerding Isolator, which also offers groundlifts and transformer isolation for better audio performance under variable conditions, such as live gigging. Seems a lot more powerful to me now...

I love these small rack problems a lot, and @lugia put together a great answer. I took a crack at how I'd do the same, building off his, which you can see below:

ModularGrid Rack

I swapped the Doepfer A-119 for a Mutable Instruments Ears, adding a playability factor (contact mic + delay + EQs = fun), and an Instruo Ochd which adds a ton of extra modulation. The main question here is if the preamps stack up and the value of the extra features in the A-119's envelope follower compared to those in the Time Warp.

I swapped the TipTop One for a Disting Mk4 which'll cover a zillion bases in a small rack like this and which can also function as a sample player.

Anyway, I'm curious what other people think too, interesting problem.

Nice! Heck with the massive size of the cool modules in Eurorack these days and given how fast that I fill up a 6U rack easily, my next setup will be a massive 12u-14u portable rig. That way I can get the fun large modules and support tools as well as a proper sequencer and mixer on one setup.

Wow guys, that was much more feedback than I expected. But for me this is extremely fruitful, as small cases focus on just a few modules, and you learn a lot about the essential favorites of the others with talks like this. I did not know some of the modules you mentioned, and I will definitely consider exchanging the Audio IO module for two more versatile modules.
Envelope following would really be nice, but my dream would be a 3-5hp module with an XLR mic input, phantom power, preamp and envelope follower. Did I say that this must be skiff-compatible? LOL. In my bigger cases I use the AP-1, which is IMHO the best and versatile input module available, but it needs so much space.