Here is a fun jam I made exploring Intellijel Quadrax with my setup using Kermit MK3 for modulation and various voices.

Hi Sacguy71,

Hey, that's a great video! Nice demo track too :-) I like it that you are explaining the Quadrax (Intellijel) module in a video, it's easier to understand when seeing it (while you are explaining it) rather than reading about it.

You almost convinced me about the Quadrax... there is just this financial picture left that keeps me off from buying it. Here in Europe it's around Euro 350, for a quad AD/AHR; not even a full A(H)DSR? Okay a luxurious EG, indeed but still... I am hesitating about the price because if that would be let's say Euro 180 for the module then it would be a no brainer but at this price I have difficulties to explain my wife why we have to sell the house ;-) So I will hope for a good deal and might then consider it, let's see.

Thanks a lot for sharing this and kind regards, Garfield.

Thanks Garfield,

Yes both Quadrax and Kermit are superhero godlike modules in that they can do soo many things in a small modular setup. All modular gear is very expensive so I've been trying not to buy much more this year other than a clock, switch and few utility modules and cables. I use the mixers and mults a lot as I build more complex patches and modulation sources like LFOs quite a bit as well. I now have 3 LFO modules, 2 mixers, tons of mults and stackable cables as well as 3 VCA modules. Surprisingly, I am not using as many VCAs as I thought that I would as I do more complex patching in spite of the conventional wisdom of having lot of them around. I do use mixers and utility modules a lot like logic, mults, stackable and so forth and having more modulation like LFO and function generators would be helpful.