This is the setup for my morning jam on Oct 05 2020.

You can listen to the jam here:

Today I am keeping with the two voice theme, but for today I decided to use the Godspeed VCO running through the C4Bon.
The second voice is the bOSC running through the SCPL EQ.
I'm using the Euclidian circles as the rhythm to drive the two voices.
The note sequencing is coming from the O&C using the hemispheres module running two parts: 1) Enigma Jr. and 2) Note quantizer
I am also sequencing the filter as well to give more movement to the Godspeed voice.
Kick and Hats are coming from my Octatrack MKII.
Effects are from a Collider Pedal (delay and reverb combo)

Any and all feedback is greatly encouraged and appreciated.

Thanks for stopping by and checking this out.