Am I the only one who thinks either the position of the Pre/Post, and the Mute/Solo button should be swapped, or the position of the Level, and Send pot?
Now it looks right – thank you! :)

nope. that's where they settled:)

How will the signal of a channel be sent to the Cue Mix?
A) by muting the channel (using the channel level), or
B) by switching Aux to "Pre" (using the Aux level), or
C) using dedicated buttons on the expander module?

A) is how!

Excellent, thanks! Any thoughts on price and availability?

Great ! CV for Pan, VCA, and Aux, just perfect !

Very hungry to see this module on the market!

This mixer looks fantastic. It would be great if you could give a hint as to a release date.

waiting for panels and final assembly to ship, expecting to have both by next week (7/11)

Hi. Can I use the inputs from a stereo source??