Hey everyone!

I'm planing to build my very first Modular Synth and I would like to get some feedback from the more experienced users. I have some experience in making and recording music in general and making electronic music in particular. So far, I did almost everything "in the Box" with software synths. I also have some "virtual" modular experience with the Moog Model 15 app-version and of course, with VCV Rack.

I'm less interested in plain modules that serve one distinct purpose and more in playful ones, that can do a variety of things and keep some surprises along the way. I also don't mind a steep learning curve instead of buying more beginner friendly modules, just to replace them eventually.

What really got me started was the Fusion System 2 by Erica Synths, since I'm interested in dark and drony music. So from what I learned about modular synthesis, I thought that this system could do much more, if it's combined with the right modules. Also, I think 2 VCOs, a VCF and a modulation section are a great base, with other useful and interesting modules in there.

I plan on getting the Fusion System as a whole and putting it in a bigger Intellijel Case. I wanna go for that plan for two reasons. First of all, if I was to buy the modules separately, I would end up at the same cost as the whole system. So that way, I would get a bunch of patch cables and a case for free. Which brings me to the second point. I can easily put it back in it's original case, freeing up a whole 104 row, if I need much more space in the future.

I went with Pam's new workout because of its versatility and the combination of Steppy (because it fits in the 1U row) and Mimetic Digitalis, because they seem to go very well together and the Mimetic only takes up 10 HP (and I've seen Ricky Tinez doing some fun stuff with those both sequencers together). I also want to get the new Midi module from Intellijel as soon as it's available, to sequence it from my DAW or to play it with my Keyboard, while having the ability to play around with the two sequencers when I don't want to use my computer.

I want to get the Mimeophon because it sounds so nice as a delay and it can be used as voice, that has a nice gritty string-like quality to it, which I'd also like to explore (this is one of the modules that I'm looking forward to play with the most). The Erbe-Verb, well, as a reverb, mainly because it's highly controllable with CV.

A Tallin for VCA since it can also handle CV. And the TriTone from Happy Nerding as an EQ, because it can overdrive in a nice way.

And well, a Maths, because I think i would regret not getting one, after I looked through the inofficial Manual.

So, after months and months of researching, I came up with this first rack. If some of my thoughts are garbage, please tell me. I don't mind learning from my mistakes along the way, but if there's something that I should avoid from the start, I'd love to hear about it. Also, if I'm missing something important that would get me frustrated, only to order it afterwards. Oh, and if there are any good ideas, I'd like to hear that as well!

Thanks in advance!

Just some food for thought... You have about 60hp dedicated solely to effects in a relatively small first rack. That's a lot of space and money for some reverb and delay. Is there a more cost/space conscious way you could get a similar result? Multi-FX module (Erica makes a few good ones)? Guitar pedals and FX send module?
All of the modules you have chosen are great, don't get me wrong. Again, just giving you some things to consider.
Have fun and good luck

If you make the rack public then other users can viez it properly and get click through and infomatics - really useful when helping!!!

You need more vcas - get a quad cascading vca - mutable veils or intellijel for example - I'd also consider replacing the tallin with the intellijel 1u vca - all of these are dc coupled - as are most vcas

How are you mixing? if you do not already have an external mixer - you either need to buy one or put one in the rack - even if you do have an external mixer you will need sub-mixers, panning, modulation

Some utility modules will massively add to the variety of patches that you can create - mutable links, kinks and shades for example

you will need to free some space to accommodate these modules - the erbe-verb seems to be the obvious sacrifice - too big, not really a generic end of chain reverb (which is possibly what you are after) - replace this with an FX Aid XL and it will free 14hp more up - this may still not be enough!!! next to go would be the mimeophon (you seem married to the erica stuff) and again replace with an FX Aid XL

Thank you both so much for the advice. So I chose the Erbe-Verb because I thought it would be fun to be able to animate almost every aspect of it with CV, which doesn't make much sense, when I don't have enough space for modulation. So I revised the rack and got rid of the Erbe-Verb like you two suggested, and fittet more utilities.

If needed, I could free additional 6 HP by swapping the Tallin for the 1U VCA.

ModularGrid Rack

I think I would do that (tallin->1u vca) - not sure how much space will be left in the 1u but nonlinear circuits do a 1u sloth in both intellijel and pulp logic formats - nice for slow modulation!

It's always a good idea to leave some space though - so I would get a blind panel to cover up the 6hp hole that's left

Yeah, I did that. That leaves me with 20 HP of 1U space and 6 HP of 3U space, in a case that should make a lot of fun to play with. I have ideas for future modules, but I think this should be a good start. And I can always move the Fusion System stuff back in its case and free up a whole row, if I want to expand.

Also thanks for pointing out the 1U sloth modules. Those look interesting!

This has been super helpful so far! Anymore suggestions anyone?