complete noob, still figuring out what the heck I am doing, but figured I would start sharing to get feedback.

First ever track.
Squarp Pyramid master clock and blackbox 1010 sequencer
BIA main modulated by clep diaz bi-polar out fed into kinks, passing through a LXd (12dB) using the strike input (got to say I love the sound of the BIA through the LXd).
Vox and keys sampled via a blackbox 1010 fed into clouds modulated via Maths LFO mixed with clep diaz uni-polar and Freeze modulated using a gated sequence from my Pyramid.

Recorded live into Ableton, very light processing. Still a work in progress as I have other voices I am still working on mixing into the sequence.

Hi Mog00,

Ha, ha, you are still figuring out "what the hack you are doing?" ;-) Well for the fact that you have no clue on what the hack you are doing, you come up with a pretty nice track here, wow! No, rather WOW! I seriously love this, and this is your first ever track? My goodness, can't wait for your next few tracks then.

You blew me here away and I was worried about this coming weekend but with your fantastic track, I am going to have a serious good entrance into this weekend! Thank you very much for that and kind regards, Garfield Modular.

Garfield thanks so much, short answer to a long story. I gave up music over 20 years ago to raise a family. I have had many a false start but never committed. Thanks to the latest planar conditions I have delved head first into music and am having a blast, but this has been the first piece of music ever produced and released (not counting playing live gigs as a percussionist in college).

Thanks again for your kind words, motivation enough to keep plodding through.

here's another, same patch just noodling with the BIA, what a fun module.

single voice BIA through the LXd modulation via Maths and clep diaz.

Hi Mog00,

He, he, yeah nice noodling around with the BIA :-) Do you have the same experience as I do, that once you start "noodling around" with a patch (especially a patch like in your above example here) that you just can't stop it and continue want to keep "noodling around" with it? I love that feeling and that urge to continue not being able to stop :-) One of the pros of modular in my opinion.

Oh yes, especially the first one or two minutes your track reminds me far away a bit of the Kreidler music :-) So nice one!

Please continue to enjoy modular and thanks a lot for sharing this, kind regards, Garfield.

hey @mog00 that first track is lovely :)