I am still exploring this module but so far I like it :) It feels intuitive, but I didn't realize that there were more menus (push the knob next to the OLED screen) until looking at the manual. Probably need to go read more to see what else I am missing :)

Hi Banjofox,

I plan to buy this module,and I read the manual already ;)
Could you give a feedback about the wavetable editing section please?



I (finally) got around to reading more, and managed to get some cool noises out of my VCO with it :)
Modifying the parameters of the built-in tables starts to feel like a natural workflow once you've started playing with the knobs. If you have something particular you want me to try out I can give it a whirl. Might even borrow a webcam to film stuff.

Full disclosure I am super new to synthesis, but have been enjoying the lessons learned so far

Hi Banjofox,

Thanks for your answer.
I just wandering if it was easy to tweak the wavetable as it seems and if the result is cool.
No need for video, I'll discover it myself.

Thanks for your help and kindness.
Wavetables are wonderful.

Make a demo video and put in on YouTube ;)

Bonne journée .