Hi everyone,

Im delving into the world of modular hardware, as I'm looking for more experimental sound generator and the controlled chaos that my synths cant emulate.

My line of thought was to go for the Hermod to be the brains and control centre which I can sync with my Mac and use midi if and when I choose. Plus the Euclid generator and effects for control of the "Chaos".
Sound generator - Polygogo
Filter - SE88 multimode filter
LFO - Antares Dual Analogue Modulator (Dual LFO)
EG and VCA -D&D Modules Dual ADSR / VCA
Output Interface - Befaco OUT V3

(future addons - Mixer, 2nd Osc, strymon magneto)

6U 84hp to give me room to add to the above.

Im looking at the EOWAVE 6U 84 -
- 6U in 84HP and 104HP
- 6cm Deep
- With power
- 4A supply included

All advice appreciated, if I am missing anything let me!



I wouldn't suggest hemming yourself in with a small cab just yet. Fact is, you've got some big modules in that...but lots of missing utilities and such. And a honkin' BIG buffered mult...which 1) you don't need in this small a build and 2) is so frickin' HUUUUGE that it's utterly ridiculous. I like EMW and all, but some of their utility designs leave a lot to be desired, size-wise.

But about that cab size...OK, you want to explore chaotic processes and sound design. 6U x 84 hp ain't gonna cut it, unless you use lots of tiny modules...which would make the whole mess a real PITA to control. Fact is, generative-type processes require quite a bit of modulation and modulation-dependent modules to achieve some really amazing results. And trying to shoehorn that into this cab isn't going to be fun. One other point, also: the P/S draws 4A from the wall socket...but there's NOT 4A inside the cab. Power conversion is a lossy process, so what you ACTUALLY have is 1500 mA on the 12V rails and 500 mA on the +5. Just pointing that out; never use the mains current figure to base actual module draws on, always use the internal P/S's rail currents instead.

Now, about those modules...it's not a bad selection if you're looking ONLY at "feature" modules. But the lack of many of the necessary modules to REALLY do chaotic processes is a big crippler here. And without those, you can have all the sexy modules that exist...and the rig will STILL sound like crap and be more akin to a VERY expensive noisemaker.

My suggestion here would be to STOP. As in, now. Instead of trying to suss out modular synthesis based on YT clips and windowshopping on MG, go instead to this site: https://vcvrack.com/ Get what they have, and load it with all the modules you think you need. Observe. Then start adding VCAs, attenuverters, mixers, logic, mod sources, etc etc etc...and observe the results AGAIN. You'll notice that even though those ute modules are booooooooriiiiiing looking, they're the sauce that makes the dish edible. Take them out, and you're back at noisemakers again. Get some real experience (yep! VCV is a Eurorack emulator, has many modules based on physical hardware) and get cozy with how to optimize a build between size constraints AND musical requirements, THEN come back to modular hardware...with that experience, doing a build should be a LOT easier.

Otherwise, this is gonna get expensive.

Nice one. Knowledge in this ocean is amoeba level so if this site can help. Thanks luiga

You'll dig it...VCV really should be "standard knowledge" for anyone approaching modular. It is literally the only FREE method for figuring out how modular happens and what it's good for. A few months with it, and THEN go back to hardware ideas...and you'll find that your build efforts are a lot more on the money.