Made a patch based on these three mighty modules.

this is great!! Top stuff.

Hi Gabor,

I fully agree here with Wishbonebrewery, this is some serious good stuff!

The beginning of your track is superb, building up a serious tense towards the listener. My heart felt like it was bonking out of my chest, so tense, so great! You really have some good and beautiful sounds in here, it keeps me pressing again, and again the play button. While I am writing this post, I am listening for the 8th time this track, no kidding! Pressing now for the 9th time the play button because I forgot to wrote a paragraph... (and I am waiting till it's finished, which is now, pressing for the 10th time after submitting this post)

Nice view on your setup too! He, he, I always love to see your OP-1 in your setup :-) That red "thingy" there in the right upper corner, is that a North synthesizer? What is that exactly? Don't tell me it's the rack version of the G2, is it?

I was worried about my average/dull weekend, this weekend, but you just made my weekend closing down perfectly! Thank you very much! Beautifully done and kind regards, Garfield.