No patch notes, I can't be arsed, hope you find this relaxing :)

Hi Wishbonebrewery,

Oh yes, very relaxing, great! Pity you can't be arsed ;-)

Ha, ha, just kidding. I was listening and suddenly it was quiet and I didn't really know what happened to me, till I realised that your track came to a stop and that was the reason why suddenly the world stopped around me... So, this track could have been twice or thrice its length and it would still have been too short for me.

Thank you very much for sharing this and kind regards, Garfield.

Haha.... do you need me to make a Longer verson.


Hi Wishbonebrewery,

Well... since you are asking... ;-)

To a 10 or 12 minute version with a similar approach, I wouldn't have anything against that! :-D

Kind regards, Garfield.