Looking to add some utilities from 2hp: Buff, Mix, VCA

Avoid the buffered mult. You won't need it; there's not enough here, so CV/mod signal regeneration isn't necessary. Only if you have to split out a CV or mod signal to four or more sources that require exact voltage scaling for things like tuning, mod rate, etc will you wind up needing a buffered multiple. And, given that, you could just as well add a second DVCA into that space you'd save. Or, if possible, chuck the DVCA and stuff one of the new, updated Veils in for four VCAs. The new 2020 version fits into 10 hp, also...2 smaller, plus at $199 it's cheaper than a pair of DVCAs ($238). And in the process, you get a mixer too!

This, btw, is the key to making these little crackerbox builds. 1-function-per-module ain't gonna cut it in those situations; you MUST have modules that have multiple functions, otherwise you'll wind up with a very underpowered system simply due to the scale of the build. But, that being said, I don't advocate these sorts of builds at all. When it's just as easy to get a powered portable 2 x 104 case (like a Mantis), trying to jam everything into this small a space is a real brain-buster of a task. If you've not built this physically yet, you might want to consider that point.