Jamming on DPO, a Moog Mother 32, and Telharmonic with support from DFAM. A bit of fun with Clouds. Interesting filter modulation and notes provided by DivKid ochd and RND STEP. Thunderstorm approaching and a nearby transformer just blew. Time to power down, but hope you enjoy! :-)

Hi Mowse,

Oh yes, this is some proper music! :-) How did you tame that Telharmonic so well? For me that's just one crazy monster ;-)

I hope your devices all survived the thunderstorm? Because I want more of your music :-)

Thanks a lot for sharing this and you gave me a good start into this new week! Kind regards, Garfield.

Thanks, I'm glad you dig it. Yeah, Telharmonic is a strange beast, for sure. I sometimes have a hard time reigning it in. I'll make my next evening jam a Telharmonic solo drone. Let's see what tones and textures we can get out of it...