Hello, I’ve Been messing around with miRack simulator and I’m hooked. Ready to start playing with the physical modules. I’ve decided to start with the Mother-32 because I love the sound, and the sequencing and patching panel. I like the small table top size and I know in the future I would like to add another stack but keep it small. Any thoughts on this setup?
I know the black panel Maths is impossible to find, I just couldn’t resist keeping the all black theme as long as I’m dreaming. I like the thought of the contact mic for tactile purposes and plugging in other instruments. Mostly not sure about the mixer.

If you're planning on putting the modules into a Moog 60 hp skiff, please note that those are unpowered. This configuration won't work; I suggest dropping the Ears and replacing this with a uZeus and a flying bus cable.

One drawback of learning modular via software emulations (miRack, VCV, Softube, etc) is that you DON'T learn about the power circuits. Convenient when using the software, but VERY apt to cause mistakes such as the one above.

Oh, and the Plaits won't track the Moog's VCOs as-is; there's some CV disrepancies, and something such as an Erica MScale is necessary to correct this.

That is very helpful. I was curious about the power supply!
I replaced the Roland mixer and that freed up room for your suggestions.


The STG Boat Rocker seems interesting for a power source in a 60hp Moog case