Spending some 1:1 time with Make Noise tELHARMONIC. I love just about everything about the design, implementation, and presentation of this strange and wonderful oscillator, but it often evades my grasp and leaves me fidgeting hopelessly to integrate it into my patching. So, I thought we'd hang out for a bit this evening.

This is tELHARMONIC pushed through QPAS, WORNG SoundStage, and Mimeophon while modulating and pinging both vco and filter with ochd and PNW. Just a fun, wandering drone session.

Very cool droning action!

Hi Mowse,

For the fact that you have used the Telharmonic, this is just plain and "simple" beautifully! How you manage to have this Telharmonic so nicely controlled, sounding so nice? You must have magic fingers ;-)

Thanks a lot for sharing this nice ambient piece of art, kind regards, Garfield.

I find it to be a very sensitive module, especially the 'tonic' knob. Bumping it even slightly can result in a bad time. Any knob movement needs to be either subtle or full-on. Same with CV modulation.

Nice one @mowse, my only complaint is that it should be longer, let's say 30 minutes ;p