The kick is the DFAM oscillator 1 and filter. The hats and snare are the DFAM noise source, modulated by Pam. The filtered synth stabs at the beginning are coming from BIA through the Doepfer LPG. The other synth is oscillator 2 of DFAM, mixed with some noise from Hats909. All pitches from the DFAM sequencer, quantised by Disting. Everything else controlled by Pam. Off-screen there is outboard reverb and delay.

You can probably reconstruct the patch from the video :)

Hi The-Erc,

Now we are talking! This is a fantastic track, really. Starting with that great kick sound and then every once and a while you throw in another nice, interesting and by times a beautiful sound as well. Large variation keeps the listener left amazed in his/her chair, jaw dropped open, just not believing one can add so much great variation in just one single track.

As you might know, Techno is not particularly my cup of tea, though this sounds like kind of Techno to me, thus if this is a new-style Techno, then I will be soon a serious Techno fan ;-)

Very well done, I hope you stay healthy and I "hearing" forwards for your next superb track! Kind regards, Garfield.

Ah, @GarfieldModular you are too kind. Thank you.

I shall try maintain the quality and convert you into a techno fan :)