I'm finishing the first stage of my modular system for ambient and experimental music:
Carpathia - providing a link here since MG's CDN is caching images heavily ...

For now, it's mostly a linear composition approach - that's why I choose Hermod as the main sequencing and gates source (but not limited to). 4ms SWN with 6 voices as main oscillator + NE Ataraxic Iteritas for some weird sounds and melodies + BIA for some percussion and probably bass lines.

In the future, I'm going to add an additional sequencer and clock source for some generative composition approaches.
What do you think about the number of modulation sources? Maybe I should add more envelopes?

Since I'm just starting, I'll really appreciate your feedback and opinions on the current stage and set of modules.

Thanks in advance!

I'd swap the Batumi and its breakout for a Maths, Batumi is great but you'll learn more with Maths and the attenuators are super useful. From there you'll learn which direction you want to go, whether you want more LFOs, or envelopes or whatnot. Jim will probably chime in and tell you to get a Kinks or a Links, I'd pick the former if I had to pick one but it might not hurt to get both here.

still quite new, but Kinks is fantastic, I love it for the rectifier section alone, throw in some logic and S&H, I always find a use for it in a patch, all the recommendations are fantastic, but there is a reason why kinks and links are brought up again and again and so glad I listened.