Had fun experimenting with my new setup after work. Here is my jam sesh:

Kinda funky @sacguy71, I like it and the breakdown at the end is good too.

Thanks @troux,

It is fun working with a limited setup and pushing the envelope of creativity and exploration as part of the learning process. Half of my modules are analog and the rest are digital. I am realizing the need for more logic modules, a sequential switch, clock, and another small trigger sequencer and also more attenuators/offset/attenuverter support modules. As for sound sources, one complex oscillator would do the trick for the second rack and then can use the rest of the space for a matrix mixer, switch, logic, support modules.

Nice, I have contemplated IME modules perhaps in the next case, this one is filling up, leaving room for MI latest, or rings.

Thanks yeah Kermit is a beast. I want the IME Hertz Donut MK3 and Piston Honda MK3 as well as MI Plaits and Rings but will need to wait on getting a much larger third case. Half of a case is for support modules otherwise you cannot get decent self generative patterns or functionality. I use the 1/3 support modules, 1/3 modulation modules, and 1/3 voice/oscillator rule of thumb. It is really easy to quickly run out of patch cables, attenuators, logic, mixer, and mults when doing complex patches! I think that is why if you look at prebuilt modular systems, most of the case is support module based. Take Erica Synths, most of that 6U case is that stuff with maybe 1-2 oscillators out of 10-12 modules!

Hi Sacguy71,

Nice jam and interesting video. I love that main sound you have in there!

Sounds like a good start of the weekend ;-) Kind regards, Garfield.

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Thanks Garfield!

I find that squeezing out the most from my current starter two setups key before buying any more gear. It helps me maximize the most of limits and figure out what I really need in my setups.