ModularGrid Rack

Out of all these modules so far I've only got the Intellijel Headphones 1U and the Pico VCO. Maths is next.

Hi and welcome.
What kind of music are you planning to create with this?
It looks like you have most of the bases covered. I wonder if Bloom and Scales might be redundant with the power and features of the Varigate 8 though. I'm not that familiar with the 1u modules you have chosen, but that looks like a Steppy at the top and if so, it's probably redundant too.
My only other recommendation is to rearrange your modules for a more logical signal flow (and cable management). Think of the panel design of a vintage synth and try to arrange your modules logically like a MiniMoog, or Lugia always mentions the Arp 2600 panel design: Oscillators - Filter - Mixer - VCA - Effects, (sequencing and modulation on bottom row, maybe?). In the long run, grouping modules in this way will make your life easier.
Have fun and good luck.

1 clouds is out of production - only knock offs and used available - but clouds2 is imminent (and smaller) I would await this
2 far too much sequencing - I would throw everything out and decide between midi or in rack - and then start again from scratch - huge amounts of redundancy and space wasting!!!
3 quantizer is completely redundant - all the sequencing methods are already quantized
4 replace the erica dual fx with 2 fx aids - possibly xl
5 replace intellijel quad vca with new veils - 2 hp smaller
6 mixing appears to be an after thought - once you have ripped out half the sequencing and have space this is where a lot of it should go - sub-mixing before effects and mixing cv to create more interesting modulation are powerful techniques that should be learnt as early as possible
7 do you need a buffered mult? - probably not - but if you do get links instead as it adds a couple of small mixers (which are always useful)

+1 on Jim's notes, plus...there's really not a lot of modulation sources here, nor modules with which to manipulate them. Lots of noisemakers, sure...but without adequate modulation, all your sounds are going to be really boring. Also, that tile row is a mess...there are far better ways to implement that.

I'm in full agreement with Jim on this point: tear it down, start over. See if you can implement the same functions with smaller footprints, which will give you SOME room for the modulation and utilities you need here. There are definitely far better ways to do this. Look for third-party stuff for the Clouds unless you're willing to wait for Mutable's revision of it. don't actually HAVE eight sequencer destinations here, so why have a Varigate 8+? And take the Erica Drums out...for one thing, unless you're willing to do a PURELY rhythmic build, Eurorack isn't the best environment for drums. Plus, these days, there's ample drum machine options (or even software) that will achieve better results, and all you'll need is a single clock out from the Pam's.

Also, if you've not messed with it, do so: There's a LOT about these instruments that don't necessarily translate into words, so if there's classes of modules you're unfamiliar with, VCV Rack is a primo and FREE way to learn what they do and how to use them. That way, you can avoid a lot of mistakes and pitfalls, and when you get back to hardware, you'll have a clearer idea of what you need and what you need to SPEND.