Welcome to my new case setup.
I'm working on building a travel case and this is my first round of putting one together.
It took a bit to get it all going, but today I am back to recording some of my "morning jams"

You can find the jam here:

You can find the patch for the modular setup here:

Any and all feedback is greatly appreciated and encouraged.

Thanks for stopping by!


I was having a good time jamming today, so I decided to do an afternoon jam. :)
Here is a link to the jam:

It is using the same patch setup as here:

Goals of this jam: Keep working on how I can bring rhythms in and out while working with filters.
I feel it was better in some parts over my morning jam. ๐Ÿ˜Š But, I keep learning and itโ€™s a great time.

All feedback is greatly appreciated!

Hi EroGumby,

Looks (or more accurate: it heard) like you had a great jam day today ;-) You got a lot of funny and interesting sounds in your both jams; I like that, gives me that kind of happy and feel good feeling. The topper for me is the first jam!

Thanks a lot for sharing this and kind regards, Garfield.