Not beautiful sounds, or concepts, or circuits designs, the question is about the prettiest face. Whose front panels could you look at all day, even without wiggling? (Blank panels don't count -- only modules that do something!)

I will nominate (in no particular order)
- Frap Tools
- Xaoc Devices
- Nano modules

Who's your favourite?

Hard for me to argue against Mutable Instruments. XAOC are great too.
I am also one of the weird people that like the gold panel modules. Haha

Random*Source, ALM, Make Noise, and some of the Oscillosaurus MI clones (Rings and Clouds in particular) come to mind for me. I'd also agree on Frap Tools, I need a Falistri!!

Frap stuff is quite cool...very symbol-oriented layouts. The Instruo modules also have a really great post-Buchla semi-industrial look.

But if you want modules-as-art, I'd have to give the nod to Folktek. I have a Mescaline with the gold panels, and it looks at first glance like some alien artifact...but when you start to work with it, you discover how intuitive it all is. A brilliant balance between eye candy and pure function.

I love me the orange knob look of IME/Harvestman modules! Befaco look nice as well.

Artwise- the Instruo and Frap Tools have lovely looking art pieces.

@Lugia- yeah Folktek modules look super rad! The Folktek Matter module looks especially tasty

An amusing but legitimate question...
Mutable Instruments: sober, almost zen, well-proportioned and ergonomic. Like their manual by the way.

But if you want modules-as-art, I'd have to give the nod to Folktek.
-- Lugia

Ooh nice! I didn't know about Folktek! The panels are amazing, and the modules are interesting too.

Hi The-Erc,

My favourite brands of modules to look at:

ACL (all of them but especially the Sinfonion)
IO Instruments

and not too bad either:
Make Noise

Does Behringer - Model D counts? ;-)

Actually... at the end... just a rack with a bunch of modular stuff in it to look at keeps me happy (no matter which brand)!

Kind regards, Garfield.

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Hi everybody,

Xaoc and Frap Tools are very beautiful.
I like Addac and Cwejman design.
Very sober and fonctional.
I like Blue Lantern too, even if they are sometime messy ;)
Rossum, Tesseract and Joranalogue to end the list.

Take care friends



I too like XAOC, Harvestman - esp, the original panels - that Double Andore is stunning - also sounds incredible too!

I'd suggest Monome for a totally minimalist look, Vermona and Feedback modules (their 1-bit delay is lovely) for a retro bakelite knobs aesthetic, but recently the ones I have been enjoying most are Instruo - something very pleasing about those all day!

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