Finally made a new Track Today :-)

As always I tend to completely loose myself into this lush Soundscapes and when
I record I completely forget time. But I kept it under 10 Minutes :-)

And As always. Use Headphones and dive in...

When I just let play the Morphagene along with the Nebulae it sounded nice. But
the I decided to put the Morphagene into the Panharmonium, let all the 32 Oscillators do
their work and oh boy.....what a wall of Sound the Panharmonium pours on you when
added the ZDS Reverb. At around 3:50 the Panharmonium starts it's Madness.

Patch Notes:
NebulaeV2 is running a pitched and slowed down Loop. This goes into QPAS (Bandpass) and into the Desmodus Versio. Morphagene is running a portion of the same Loop in different Pitch. This loop goes into the Panharmonium processed by ZDSP Reverb. Ochd is doing some Modulation on the QPAS.

Thats a lovely piece :)

Thank you very much!

Hi Quantum_Eraser,

Wo-hooo-hooo-wooow! This is yet another very enjoyable and beautiful piece of music! I didn't mind I had to wait a while before you came up with this next track, it was definitely worthwhile waiting for it :-)

Remark for film producers: For God's sake forget about those established sound track artists, give Quantum_Eraser a decent contract for your next movie!

Very well done, very enjoyable, bowing here with respect! Thanks a lot for sharing this and kind regards, Garfield.

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I feel sadness, empty space(s), loneliness, I imagine a lost soul, maybe a last survivor of an insterstellar war/conflict, drifting through time & space in a "badly wounded" spaceship with no hope to ever come to any destination!

Thats the kind of ambient track I always want to make but I fail every attempt I make...

Let us hear more of this!

Thank you both GarfieldModular and jingo for your comments about my Track! I really appreciate your Feedback.

@jingo When one day a huge Asteroid falls to the Earth then this will be the Soundtrack :-)

What Modules do you use when you want to make that kind of Ambient?

Yeah, very nice. Our taste in ambient seems to align nicely here. Your thoughts on Desmodus Versio? Is it living up to the hype?

The best piece of music I've heard on this forum.

Big thumbs up @Quantum_Eraser, looking forward to more.

@mowse I really like the DV. It is definitely going to stay in my Rack although i have many other Reverbs.
I think the DV is perfect for long Reverb Trails. And I really like how it sounds.

@klodifokan Oohhhh what should I say? Thank you so much!! That's incredible!

@troux Thank you!! There's more to come :-)

Maybe, when all things come together like i have planned I will release my First Digital EP at the Ende of the Year.
I planned 5 Tracks for the EP. Expect an EP full of Bittersweet, Sad Tracks :-)

I tend to always end in this kind of Soundscapes :-) But I think that's part of my Musical and Personal

Love this a lot.

I am inspired by birth, death and the events inbetween.