Hi All,

any and all comments welcome :)

Under normal circumstances I play a few medium sized techno/electronic gigs per year, but have no real ambitions about this. The music comes first.

I currently use my Moog family (M32, DFAM & Subharmonicon), a Maschine Mk3, a couple small control keyboards and an 8-track external mixer. All clocked and controlled through my DAW, which i also sometimes use for extra spice. I want to minimize the use of the DAW in the future though, I don't want to be seen as another launchpad tapper. Live playing should always have an element of risk.

The main goal of the rig is to add mid-high range percussive elements and modulation to the Moogs.

I'm a total noob to modular, as you can well see from the rig :), so are there unnecessary elements in it? Am i missing something totally vital?

Thank you for all feedback in advance!


probably don't need the quantizer - all the 3 methods you have of generating pitch are already quantized

do you need 3 ways of playing?

the midi module - lots of people on here saying it's a pain to get working - look for something else with better user reviews - Mutant Brain perhaps if you can find one

swap the xoh for the alm version - 2hp!!!

do you really need an auto tuner - it will only work for 2 modules - probably better to get an actual tuner (pedal or app) and learn to use that!

get stackcables or headphone splitters instead of the mult

the amplifier seems redundant - veils has plenty of gain (over 20db)

the delay is massive in this size case - maybe look at a fx aid xl? more options, much smaller!!

with the extra space freed up I would look at getting rid of the pico modules - and replacing with at least a decent sized filter


modded version - removed redundancies according to Jim's well though out comment. Although was not able to remove the delay, that's my baaby :)


Interesting. This is a problem I've also been at work on, but in my case I'm trying to add onto just a Subharmonicon and a DFAM:
ModularGrid Rack
In this case, I DID want the quantizer, because it allows me (along with the clocking utilities) to alter curves coming off of either the Maths or Quadrax into scalar voltages. But with this, the two Moog skiffs with the Eurorack modules aren't intended to be capable of creating sound in of themselves...they're "addenda" for the Moogs. Very nice of Moog to cook up that four-tier skiff frame...

Anyway, the two Euro-populated skiffs are pretty mission-specific...upper is mainly for clock manipulation of the DFAM and Subby sequencers, the lower adds extra mod sources + a pair of VCAs for those.