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So my second rack of 6U is almost complete and I took advantage of Halloween sales to add a clock, sequential switch, delay/reverb FX module with Mimeophon, and two fun sound modules. Here is what I have planned:

ModularGrid Rack

As you can see it is not perfect and I use external sequencers and plan for a larger third case in the future to add a larger sequencer, matrix mixer and more logic and support modules. But I think that with Kinks/Links, Hex VCA with attenuators/inverters and the Doepfer Sequential switch and Pamela New Workout for clocking, I have most things covered for a smaller setup.

Still a smart addition. Even without a sequencer to pair the switch with, there's loads of possible uses for a 4 x 1 steppable switch in this. Bouncing between Kermit outputs, f'rinstance...

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Thanks, yeah it was hard to make decision as I don't find most smaller sequencers that useful and with my mixed results from Varigate 4+ in my Doepfer base rack, decided a powerful clock modulator paired with a sequential switch would be more useful in the long run. If I need to create focused dance techno, I can pull that off using my external Korg SQ-1 which is very immediate for powerful results. I could also feed the sound sources into the clock and switch and then to the sequencers for interesting patterns. I plan to try once the new modules arrive. I wanted a Doepfer Monster base and WMD Metron sequencer but they were both out of stock this week at stores so this works so I can order later on.