I put my hands on the new Paradox dual VCO in my rack. Lots of things to learn as I now have some characterful FM synthesis at my fingertips, which I am not doing full justice yet:

Some Patchnotes for the curious
Random Pitch from Zlob Entropy
Random Slices from of Bass from Muxlicer
Both quantised by Disting MK4
LFO and Envelope from Rampage
FX Loop:
BOSS Waza Craft Delay and TC Arena as Reverberation

The OP-Z is a long loved tool/toy on my desk and in my backpack. Making Music not only without DAW, but also without screens.

I knew that the Paradox would be well-received once you got it in the cab! It might be one of the best-kept complex VCO secrets on MG.

Hi Zuggamasta,

Oh wow, that are beautiful sounds you produced there with the Paradox from Noise Reap. Pity the Paradox seems to be sold out on their website and I couldn't find a dealer in Europe yet that keeps Noise Reap on stock.

Glad to hear you like the OP-Z so much :-)

Thanks a lot for sharing this and kind regards, Garfield.

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Yeah, big thank you to you, Lugia! It's really nice, but also a little beast for me to tame. :)
ModularGrid Rack
The setup as of now is utterly amazing. There is still space left and I was able to patch up a full ensemble with thick Kick, nice HiHats, and paraphonic melody from the paradox. I'll try to sketch this up later after work.

Some more DAW-less rambling on the tiny Skiff + PO-33.

Muxlicer to OSCA of Paradox and to OSCB with added slew via Rampage
Rampage as envelope generator of the Paradox
Muxlicer "Slice" triggers to Disting with dual Samples form some Iglooghoost samples I had lying around a harddrive.
Main out to my Delay pedal and mixed back in for feedback loops.
Sync with PO-33 over clockdivided Muxlicer Clockout

After some back and forth I got an FX Aid from Schneidersladen and YES. So good. I also went with a passive dual LPG, which might not be as versatile as the pico LPG Lugia recommended, but the Skiff is just... full. No place for cables or modules deeper than 2cm. Which is alright because this small Kit just... works!
I streamed/recorded a session with the thing and ORCA last night. Best thing? I haven't even touched the Disting, which I want to add tonight.

Noise source + a pair of passive LPGs = two more neat percussives! Sounds right to me!

My main takeaway after the last jams: The more control and Instruments I got the least happy I am with the result. So I might double down on kicking out the midi input of my eurorack, soon. Good that I went with the dual LPG to shave some off.

Not super happy with the music but I'm building a VJ tool as a companion for my jams which I wanted to showcase here. Pretty basic, but I'm happy to build something audio reactive.