Hi everyone! I just stepped in the Modular world and I need help with the build up of my first Rack! I already bought a Moog Mother 32 to start and since now I have been sending the audio through VCV Rack implementing the sonic possibilities.

Now I would like to buy some modules and I need some help.

I started with a osc to add a voice and I choose a digital VCO like Plaits to create differnt timbres from the classical sound of the Moog VCO. Then the Maths module that seems a no-escape module to buy (Im searching for criticisim about it). Then I added the Rings module that from my experience from VCV rack is an incredible instrument to create that physical model synthesis that I love. (For sure I need something that sound like that.)

I also added the Microcell Granular Processor, an upgrade (from what I read and listened) of the MI Clouds. Im searching for a granular processor but also some effects like his tape looping and reverb. (Need a module to create textures and ambient to experiment with).

Than I choosed the Quad VCA from Intellijel and an A140 ADSR from Doepfer plus a triple attenuator.

What do you think about this Mother 32 upgrade? How can I improve my choosing? Need some experienced advise!

Not knowing the M32 I'm not sure what it has and what it lacks, so I will just make some minor suggestions for improving this rack.

I think something like the ALM O/A/x2 is a better use of 4hp than three passive attenuators. You only get two channels but attenuvert and offset is more useful than just attenuate. Alternatively you could get a 2hp dual attenuverter and a 2hp ADSR in that space, and replace the (large) Doepfer ADSR.

Considering you already have Maths in there, it seems quite wasteful to give up so much space to another envelope generator. There are a lot of smaller options if you really want an ADSR. Mutable Instruments Peaks (or one of its smaller clones) could do this job while also giving a lot of additional possibilities.

There are a lot of modulation destinations in here but not so many modulation sources. Is the M32 + Maths enough to drive all of this? You probably want a CV mixer of some kind too.

The Quad VCA seems like a solid choice, but personally I would go for the new Veils instead.

This looks way to small given three voices (Plaits, Rings, and Clouds) not nearly enough room for proper modulation.

I do like the cascading CV available in the Quad VCA you have that is not in Veils, that may or may not make a difference to you (Veils save you some HP as well).

Do you need an ADSR you have envelopes available in Maths and for this size case seems like wasted HP.

Do you need more passive attenuators you have 2 attenuverters in Maths, another option is 3xMIA gives you mixing capabilities, offsets, attenuverters?

You might want some sort of matrix mixer. I think there is a lot of value in the new u-he civilization module.

More importantly this case is too small, you will find yourself very limited very quickly. I would recommend the Mantis case the best bang for the buck with plenty of space to grow.

More experienced folks I am sure will give you more advice, but plan for a bigger case and fill slowly.

Why plan for a bigger case? I'd suggest scrapping the 84 hp skiff and moving up to something MUCH bigger. This would be good: https://www.ericasynths.lv/shop/enclosures/studio/1x126hp-skiff-case/ Has ample power, still fits the 1 row form factor. But at that price point, you could also step on up to a 2 x 104 hp Mantis, which is also powered but is even beefier on that aspect than the Erica. Plus, Tiptop has a mounting bracket that allows you to tandem TWO Mantises into a four-row configuration. This seems more sensible because of that as well; if you find that you want to expand the Eurorack to more than just a sidecar for the Moog, this sort of advance planning is critical at THIS point in the process...don't try to retcon your case configuration in mid-build!

Oh, and if you do go to something larger, DON'T put the M32 in it. That's a waste of money, tbh, since the Moog already HAS a case and power...and those Moogs work nice together, so keeping it in its 60 hp cab for later Moog expansions would be a smart move.