This is my first patch on this system that I have recorded.
You can check out the recording here:

Things to note:
I have a LOT to learn with this case, so any/all feedback is appreciated!

What I am working on here is:
1) using the circles to drive the rhythms
2) having the o_C driving the notes va the Enigma device from the hemispheres firmware
3) I'm playing with the MS22!! (This this is SWEET!)
4) I'm moving the drums into the rack - so i'm playing with the kick drum off of the 2hp Play - I need to do some work here.
5) I've moved one of the effects into the rack (the tape delay for the kick) - more work to go here.
6) I also put in a mixer so that I can send stereo out - planning for a future live show.

Clearly I have not yet utilized all of this rack - and well that is because it is new to me and i'm learning how to expand and use more of it. :)

Hope you all enjoy and thanks for stopping by!