Mult in top row = C105 I/O, sample freq @ 6.5, irrelevant, irrelevant.

Hi Scott,

For a "student" rack you got yourself a quite nice rack here

Is it the large Doepfer "Suitcase" - A100PMS12?

Have fun patching and kind regards, Garfield Modular.

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Nope...that's a 4 x 22sp Dotcom format there. Not a bad base for a build, but I'd have to say that there's a shortage of VCOs...only six here that I see right off.

Yep, that's the system at NESCom in Bangor where I teach and it is indeed MU format. The VCO count is actually just right for this machine and what we teach on it, even before counting the 3 other VCOs that can be used (the Q167 tracks 1V well and the two 960s can run at the audio rate as digital oscillators and also track 1V), which would bring it up to a max of 9 VCOs, with that still allowing two dedicated LFOs. More isn't needed because the lab also has other gear that can be interfaced into the modular through an instrument interface.

Ahhh...that's a snazzy educational machine, then! I can see why there's less VCOs,'re trying to get the students to think a bit out of the box, plus you've got the other gear to crosspatch into. Reminds me of one of my assignments as an undergrad; I had to come up with a cluster of sine waves that panned and shifted pitch all as one. Problem is, the ARP 2600 we had as our teaching synth, as you probably know, only has a SINGLE sine output, on VCO2. The key to the problem was in knowing what you could do by 1) using the AR generator as a sine generator by driving it from VCO1's pulse output and some judicious programming and using the o-scope (the other thing that wasn't mentioned in the assignment) to check the waveform, and 2) feeding VCO3's pulse at 50% cycle thru the lag processor, and doing the same o-scope check there, too. Very interesting programming problem, that...and about half of the class (in 1981) couldn't figure it out.

Hi Scott and Lugia,

Interesting! Sometimes I wish I was a student again, this time is one of those times ;-)

Kind regards, Garfield.

For review reports of Eurorack modules, please refer to for PDF formatted downloads