1) ARP 1023 double VCO
2) ARP 1004T VCO
3) ARP 1023 double VCO
4) ARP 1047 multimode filter / resonator
5) ARP 1005 ModAmp
6) ARP 1046 Quad Exponential Envelope Generator
7) ARP 1016 Dual Noise/Random Voltaqe Generator
8) ARP 1006 FiltAmp
g) ARP 1005 ModAmp
10) ARP 1047 multimode filter / resonator
11) ARP 1050 mix sequencer
12) ARP 1027 Clocked Sequential Controlle

Build snapshot seems to be missing...

I did a little work here to see where B.'s at with the presumed reissue. We're probably NOT going to see all of the lineup, for reasons that should be apparent in a minute...

Thus far, Behringer's got:

1003 Dual EG
1005 Modamp
1006 Filtamp
1016 Dual Noise/Random
1033 Dual Delayed EG
1036 Random/S&H
1047 SVF

Now, the remaining things that MUST be issued here are:

1004 VCO (either "p" or "t"...although having the "t" version would be optimal due to it having normal AND inverted outputs)
1027 10-step Sequencer (and yeah, Uli...it'd BETTER have ten steps and not eight. Stay true to the design!)
1050 Mixsequencer (already announced, but not out)

But wait...there's more modules than THAT. And yes, there are...but when you look at them, they're "denser" versions of these ones above. This list includes:

1023 Dual VCO (although, of these, THIS one hopefully will be forthcoming)
1045 Single Voice (nah...it's just a voice made up of the other submodules, and since these don't cost a gazillion bucks, well...)
1046 Quad EG (superfluous, kindasorta...it's the submodules of the 1003 and the 1033 behind one panel)

So, in truth, B.'s quite close to giving us a proper 2500 system. Although, yes, there's certainly some grousing about not having the matrix switch panels for patching (and let me assure you, you really SHOULD NOT be missing those! They were a bitch-and-a-half back in the day, and with age, they only got sloppier and leakier). But the solution to this...and a far better one that having to DeOxit the crap out of those sliders on a seemingly-daily basis...is to use a two-row cab, and then fill the bottom row with various mults, matrix switch mults, matrix mixers, and so on to emulate (and potentially extend the capabilities of) that sort of patching paradigm with 3.5mm jacks and patchcables. Kinda surprising to think that it's this close to being a thing once more...