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Hi, im buildning a new eurorack-system and so for i've came up to this:

Any thoughts or advices of this?

You need VCAs! Here are my suggestions:

  1. Get rid of that Erica Synths mixer and Lapsos Os module, replace it with something like an Intellijel Quad VCA that also can work like a mixer and attenuator.

  2. Add logic module and mult combo like Mutable Instruments Kinks and Links. Powerful and cheap for modular. Gives you a mixer, logic and mults in small space.

  3. Get rid of Voltage Block- it takes up way too much space for a small rack and since you already have Pam and two sequencers with Mimetic Digitalis and Varigate 4+, you don't really need it.

  4. More modulation- maybe add the 0chd module for 8 LFOs in small space and a random voltage generator like Wogglebug?
    You want the ability to do sample and hold and generate random patterns.

Here is the re-worked rack and let us know what you think?

ModularGrid Rack

I made a lot of the same mistakes starting out and thanks to folks here like Jim and Lugia, learned and have a good setup now.

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Hi, first of all - THANK YOU so much for the help here, i really appreciate it, I will serious consider this option you've suggested. I got rid of the delay and wogglebug and replaced with a marbles - what do you think about that?

You are most welcome, I love helping others and giving back to the modular community as I learn as well. I think that Marbles is fine instead of Wogglebug both have their pros and cons. I recommend download the free VCV Rack software and trying modules out as it has all of the Mutable Instrument modules including Marbles and great learning tool. I still use it for trying out different module types and routings even with two 6U racks now. Also watch videos on it to see how it works and what it can do. For LFO, you can pick lots of options, the Divkid 0chd gives you 8 LFO in smaller footprint but Batumi is great LFO as well and I have the Batumi in my setup. Plus with each Mutable Instrument module, you get a free wooden toy- unique as I now have three wooden toys in my collection. I don't know of any other modular company that is that generous with swag.

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Thanks again! I will def consider this set-up.

Well you already have the Clep Diaz which is a great LFO so you could keep that or replace it with the Batumi. You really only need one LFO module in a small setup. Batumi or 0chd would give you multiple ones to modulate more than one sound source which is super useful. I think you need a MIDI to CV interface for sending to your DAW and I don't have experience with the Keystep so not sure on this point.

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Hi sac, thanks again for answer. OK, so in the current set-up i have the

  • Batumi 1976 quad lfo

    • clep diaz

Hey there,
in short and dirty =) You need to try your case practically and see/feel how it functions together as an ensemble.
Sacguy71's suggestion to trial within VCV Rack software I +1.

Marbles goes GREAT with the BIA but as well features the x path for CV modulation linked to the t path triggers...super versatile...look into rebuilds to save on space within your case.

I am not 100% bought in to the 4 channel VCA to perform both mixing and gating duties...maybe Maths could play a role here will see when experimenting in VCV.

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Thanks for your answer and I see your point about the mixer, i Will def try it in vcv as well, do you have some ideas of a mixer to replace in the current set up?

I would consider holding off on the Batumi in this size case with both a clep and a maths, you can get even more related modulation putting the bi-polar output of clep through the rectifier of kinks (and provide attenuation through channel 2/3 of maths).

I would consider replacing the tip-top sampler with a disting mk4 or also getting rid of the roti and getting a disting ex.

Another module to consider besides the varigate would be the steppy (saves you 4HP)

ditching batumi and swapping steppy for the varigate gives you 14HP to work with you could pick up a matrix mixer such as u-he CVilization (tons of functionality packed in) and perhaps a LPG (the LXd matches great with BIA).

Overall I would plan on a bigger case, I picked up a Mantis and so glad I did because you are going to hit a wall and want to add a module without anywhere to put it.

It is your synth so don't be to concerned about getting it perfect, that's half the fun, but you have a ton of modulation in this case with only two voices imho.

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Hello! Thats great, I replace the tip-top sampler to the disting mk4, that was a great recommendation!

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OK. SO now updated to this, I also replaced veils with quadra vca.

Plaits is great or Rings then you get lots of options for tones.

I would recommend Pamela's New Workout instead of the older version (Pamela's Workout) you have in your plan. I guess the new firmware for the newer module is pretty powerful. I'll probably load it up in mine soon.

I'd look at how many 'sequencers' you have too...

mimetic digitalis, varigate 4, marbles and pams new workout would give you a lot of potential v/oct and gate sequencing - obviously some of it will be controlled random, but even so - I'd loose either mimetic digitalis or varigate 4

Agree with Jim, with just Pam and Marbles, you can do lots of fun random sequence patterns.

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Jim, thanks.

Yes you have a point there that there will be a little bit too much with sequencing,

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Jim, thanks.

Yes you have a point there that there will be a little bit too much with sequencing,

I added one more voice now, dixie II and replaced the roti pola to a befaco st mix. Will consider of removing varigate and add something else, maybe a env generator or a proper mixer.. or maybe something else, what do you think? again, im very happy for all the help here.

ModularGrid Rack

I would get rid of the Varigate 4+ and keep the Mimetic Digitalis sequencer and add a good sequential switch or matrix mixer. That would give you lots of pattern generation and variety. I added a sequential switch recently to my setup and it adds spice. If I had more space, I'd add a matrix mixer. Let's you mix CV and route various ways. Boss Bow Two is a cool switch with tricks that play well with Pam. Erica Synths also makes a neat sequential switch.

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so I added some things and also made a bigger case wich make much more sense,

what do you think about this?

ModularGrid Rack

drop voltage block - I'd also drop the mimetic digitalis and probably the pittsburgh mixer (this i would want to replace eventually (but a cascading vca will do to start)
go back to full size marbles
add an fx aid xl
consider replacing the quad vca with veils - saves 2hp
leave the remaining space empty

i think you should go slowly - and stop overthinking planning - it will probably change anyway as you start to patch

get one of the sequencers, plaits or LIP, maths, one of the vcas, one of the filters and maybe the disting and kinks

work your way through the maths illustrated manual a few times and try out a few functions of the disting - if there is one particular function you like consider buying a module to replace it

Jim's advice is solid. Disting EX and fx aid would give you a lot of options along with full sized Marbles. I only have one modular sequencer in one of my two 6U racks and use it but also use my Quadrax function generator similar to Marbles along with Pamela's New Workout and Doepfer sequential switch a great deal for amazing self generative type patterns in my patches.