Hello, I have been working on this setup for a long while. I still have some doubts related to pamela new workout and maths. I think I need a solid cv modulation, and I love the mimeophone as well as qpas. I also wanted some vca to modulate as well to set some feedback loop experimentation. And I have my audio interface to use as sound source whatever it came across. The question is. Do you think I could replace maths for another thing. Open to suggestions as well idea. Thank in advance

Opinions on this will vary, but I think Maths may not be what you want in a setup of this size, with so many big, modulation-hungry modules. I'd suggest replacing it with something like Quadrax or Zadar... more function generators, smaller footprint (but yes, some reduced flexibility in other ways). That would give you space for some other things... in a small setup like this, a Disting 4 would be a great Swiss Army knife, and you might find yourself also wanting a couple of basic utility modules (attenuverters, etc.).

Pam's is definitely worth keeping here, I think. It's just hard to beat the functionality per hp.

Shakespeare thank you for your advice. It was really helpful. I actually replaced Maths with Quadrax in my setup. I saw the youtube walkthrough and it is a really amazing module. I would like to ask you a question. In my setup, I have the intellijel audio Interface II which has 4,4cm depth and the case I am planning to buy is Moog Eurorack Case, which as 4,82cm almost 5 cm. Do you think it will fit or it too tight?

I also recommend start with a larger case. Getting a 6U or 9U Doepfer case would open up more options for you now and into the future.

I am aware of the modular rabbit-hole cause-effect. I want a very specific setup, base on a sampling and processing instrument or any audio source in realtime as well as in the studio. So I need something portable to bring with me to a rehearsal situation or concert hall. I am also still going to use my computer with my own Reaktor patch. At the moment I am only concern about the depth of the Moog Eurorack Case, which has 4.82cm. The intellijel audio interface II has 4.4cm and I don't know if it will fit probably. I hope so otherwise, I will have to rethink my setup since there aren't too many in-outs interfaces in a 10hp. Thank you for your suggestion.

XAOC makes the Sewastopol II (10hp and 3.4cm) and Ladik makes several I/O modules that are 4hp each. The A525 might work for your purposes (4hp, 3.2cm).

^^ I can't speak to the case you're planning to use, since I have no experience with it or the Intellijel interface. But XAOC modules are fantastic, and Sewastopol is roughly the same price as the Intellijel module, with less depth.