Hi, first post on the site, first rack of my life. I want a playable Ondes Martenot style interface (left hand on the press, right hand on the ribbon), coming from a strong "hands-on-your-instrument" background, and I want to work with samples/granular synthesis/"tape" manipulation (musique concrete style).
I feel like it's missing a VCA, at least for the volume, but still not sure what to get.
I use the Bishop to record some gestures on the controllers and change them in funky ways.
I'm also running the whole thing through multiple effects coded in SuperCollider (the usual reverb, delay, distortion and the like), controlled with an Akai Midimix.
I currently (november 2020) own all the stuff between the two blank panels, and I'm most definitely buying the ribbon very soon.
I'm still figuring out if the Arcadian Rhythms would be better than the joystick, since it sends three gates instead of one, and all the pitch/continuous cv would be done by the ribbon. Also, I kinda got my eyes on the ONE, although I'm still not sure how to integrate it: it would be nice both as an alternative voice and as something to put in the Nebulae.
Again, it's my first entry and very much in a developmental phase. Any thoughts are appreciated. Peace xxx

Ok, I don't know why it displays a version of this rack that is months old. The actual rack the I'm talking about is on my profile. Sorry about that.