I'm interested in having some of the more experienced dudes here look over my rack setup to make sure I've got what I need, that I'm not missing anything important, and if anyone has any gear suggestions/substitutions to improve the current as-is lineup.

The idea behind this rack is that it will be DIY as much as possible, as I'm handy with a soldering iron. Also, going the DIY route means I can get more gear for same budget. However, I'm trying to stay with full kit DIY modules, as I don't want to spend weeks/months chasing parts before I can get to building.

The budget is in the $2k neighborhood, and since I've already gone over that number a bit, keep in mind that anything you want me to add to this rack means that something already there is going to have to be removed.

I already own a Microbrute, but I have no other Eurorack compatible modular gear. I have tons of studio equipment, recording gear, digital synths, and other instruments, but no analog synths other than the Microbrute.

While this rack will get added to eventually, I am hoping that it'll cover most of the bases right out of the box as is. I want to use it as a writing tool, sound pad, beat maker, drum machine synth, multi voice sequencer, and eventually, as a performance rig.

Thanks in advance for your advice.

This is a well thought out rack I think, a great starting point for the budget. All the bases covered for basic subtractive groovebox.

About the only thought I had on it was, maybe you shouldn't double up on the Synthrotek VCOs and Drums. My line of reasoning is, if you can diversify with a different but similar module that meets your requirements, why get duplicates?

So staying within your criteria of DIY kit, relatively same cost and HP, what do you think about the Befaco Even VCO - kit? I'm having trouble finding any DIY kit drums....all the Hexinverter Mutant kits are long gone :(

Also, here's the Befaco Sampling Modulator for your consideration. Its like a weird sample and hold/sequencer/clock divider you can get in a kit. Could be interesting with drums.

Yes, I agree with you on the Befaco VCO. The Befaco VCO has been on my radar- and I keep changing my mind as to whether I should get 2 Synthrotek VCO's, 2 Befaco VCO's, or 1 of each. The Befaco Sampling Moduler, however, I did not even know existed. I'll have to look into that one to understand what it does- right at the moment as write this reply, I don't have a full grasp as to what it does, and can do. Time to research. :)

For DIY drum kits consider Ginko Synthese Grains. Cheap, can do drumsounds as well as Grids-style triggering (not at the same time)...