I hope I don‘t request something somebody mentioned before but after doing some updates on my system recently I was thinking about this:

Wouldn‘t it be great if you had the possibility to set the firmware version running on the modules in your rack? In combination with additional information of the latest firmware in the module page there could be an (optional) message if there is an update available for one of your modules when you open the rack...

Maybe this is more complicated to integrate than I imagine but it could be a neat feature

Cheers and thanks to the team for managing this amazing site!


Thinking about the exact same thing. Both features would be absolutely great.

The first part should be fairly easy. Just having an additional field or table that maintain the module versions per user per rack.

The last bit, getting the new fw versions automatically available in modulargrid, will be quite challenging. depending on how willing any manufacturer wishes to cooperate. If modulargrid provides an api provides a simple api a manufacturer can itself choose to use it and publish the version.

I've no idea whether there is any development going on at all.