hello everybody,
at the moment I am planning to buy a new oscillator. At the moment Manis or Ataraxic, possibly Cursus, are on the shortlist.
Therefore it is time to think about more modulation, and of course a bigger case. I currently use for modulation an A-118-2, a ClepDiaz, a Function, and from time to time the pitch sequencer and various other outputs of the DFAM or the sequencers of the BeatstepPro.

I am thinking about a Quad Envelope. So of course the overly suspicious ones come to mind: Stages, Quadrax, Zadar, Quadigy, PonsAsinorum - you know them.

What are your experiences with NE-VCOs - is it worth a Quad-Envelope? or should i get more LFOs a la Batumi, Pams, or better something like Mimetic or VoltageBlock?

Your opinions would interest me.

that's my current 84HP rack + DFAM:
ModularGrid Rack

I have the Loquelic Iteritas Percido and Basimilus Iteritas, and I would recommend the Voltage Block. The VB doesn't seem to get much love around here, but the NE oscillators seem almost tailor-made for the complex rhythmic modulation that VB offers. If you have seen Baseck's VB/NE demos, you'll know how that combo can shine.
Have fun and good luck!

For the record, I would highly recommend Pamela's New Workout too.

Thanks a lot @farkas.
I have a hard time imagining the VoltageBlock, because I plan max. a 6U case. I also considered Pam's, but I don't need rhythms or master clock, my Beatstep Pro and the Digitakt can do that.
So I thought about a Quadenvelope to bring in also slow modulation.

whatever modulation source/envelope generator you get - buy kinks and a matrix mixer - these will massively increase the effectiveness of your modulation

Kinks + Links is superb and useful. Also Pamela New Workout. I have Cursus Iteritas. Here is a demo if you would like to see what it can do when heavily modulated!