Hi - Here is my first Euro build as of today: ModularGrid Rack

And here is one of the options I'm considering as to how to finish the case: ModularGrid Rack

[Edit: For some reason or another, it is not displaying the correct rack build in this post. Check the link?]

My intent ultimately is to focus more on SWN, and wavetable synthesis in general, since I already have almost every other form of synthesis covered outside of modular. I do not intend to create backbeats or any kick/snare style drums with modular either. At most, some more melodic percussive elements that would be closer in timbre to wood block or toms. Again, at most. My drums are also handled outside modular.

Would love for anyone to take a look and remind me that I don't need so many trigger/gate generators if I won't be doing drums and other choice bits of hard truth.

Would also love to discuss great sound mangling/wave-shaping/rectifying/etc modules that are DIY capable or are just so unique and weird that they must be mentioned.

Two modules come to mind...one would be a new offering from G-Storm: their Gyrinx VCF, which is a clone of the Synton Syrinx filter, well known for all sorts of wild modulation capabilities with a filter set that focuses on vocal formants. And the wavefolder...Tiptop's Fold offers a nice wavefolder, dual inputs, and a suboctave generator for massive square-wave bass with its own separate output. Dirt-cheap, too!